Communicating about systems and complexity:from contingency to praxis

Reynolds, Martin (2015). Communicating about systems and complexity:from contingency to praxis. In: Patton, Michael Quinn ed. Gedenkschrift to honor Brenda Zimmerman's contributions to understanding complexity and social innovation. Canada: Social Innovation Generation de L’innovation sociale, pp. 32–36.



The chapter is part of a special Gedenkschrift publication honoring the work of Professsor Brenda Zimmerman in the field of complexity thinking. The term, Gedenkschrift, borrowed from German, can be translated as celebration publication. It is a memorial publication honoring a respected person, especially an academic, created and presented posthumously.

The tribute tracks the influence of Brenda's work in formulating the heuristic developed by the author for teaching systems thinking in practice (STiP) as part of the postgraduate programme on STiP at the Open University.

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