Self-assembled liposomes from amphiphilic electrospun nanofibers

Yu, Deng-Guang; Branford-White, Christopher; Williams, Gareth R.; Bligh, S. W. Annie; White, Kenneth; Zhu, Li-Min and Chatterton, Nicholas P. (2011). Self-assembled liposomes from amphiphilic electrospun nanofibers. Soft Matter, 7(18) pp. 8239–8247.



Amphiphilic nanofibers composed of the hydrophilic polymer polyvinylpyrrolidone K60 (PVP) and soybean lecithin were fabricated using an electrospinning process. As a result of the templating and confinement properties of the nanofibers, phosphatidyl choline (PC) liposomes were spontaneously formed through molecular self-assembly when the fibers were added to water. The sizes of the self-assembled liposomes could be manipulated by varying the content of PC in the nanofibers (over the range 9.1–33.3% (w/w) in the present study). The influence of PC on nanofiber formation, and a possible mechanism of templated liposome formation are discussed. This facile and convenient strategy for manipulating molecular self-assembly to synthesize liposomes provides a versatile new approach for the development of novel drug delivery systems and biomaterials.

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