Testing stress training for black and minority ethnic carers of people with dementia

Larkin, Mary (2015). Testing stress training for black and minority ethnic carers of people with dementia. Social care Elf.

URL: http://www.nationalelfservice.net/mental-health/de...


Through its evaluation of the effectiveness of the US Savvy Caregiver Program (SCP) specifically for ethnically diverse caregivers, this paper indirectly addresses some key issues for carer research. These are the ongoing drive to develop interventions to support the growing numbers of carers of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and minority ethnic caregivers’ needs.

SCP is a ‘multidimensional stress mediation’ caregiver training programme that aims to reduce caregiver distress for those caring for a relative or friend with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. It is designed to address the various factors that cause increasing stress over time.

The program is delivered in 2-hr sessions over a 6-week period and includes building internal caregiver skills, knowledge and self-confidence, as well as building external resources such as engaging the entire family in the care, and using community resources for respite and support.

To date, assessment of its effectiveness had been limited primarily to White Caucasian caregivers and this US study evaluated the impact of SCP on Alzheimer caregivers from ethnically diverse communities.
- See more at: http://www.nationalelfservice.net/mental-health/dementia/testing-stress-training-for-black-and-minority-ethnic-carers-of-people-with-dementia/#sthash.veUsTSXx.dpuf

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