The long road to improvement in modelling & managing engineering processes (MMEP)

Gericke, Kilian and Eckert, Claudia (2015). The long road to improvement in modelling & managing engineering processes (MMEP). In: Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED15).


Managing complex engineering design processes is a challenge for industry, which is looking to academia to provide tools and methods to support them.

The Modelling and Managing of Engineering Processes Special Interest Group of the Design Society aims to support industry in understanding, modelling and running design processes by bringing together a community of design researchers and interacting with industry by identifying research challenges and working together to resolve them.

This paper maps out research challenges for MMEP and reflects over some of the challenges we have as a research community in meeting these ambitious goals.

This paper begins by presenting an ambitious research roadmap developed in 2008 and then compares the roadmap with the research topics that current members of the MMEP SIG are working on before reflecting on how and where we have made progress and what would be serious progress in this area.

Based on the analyses of research topics and progress, the paper concludes with a discussion of the evolution of research topics and associated challenges for design research, and sketches measures required for improving our efficacy as a research community.

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