Visualising energy: teaching data literacy in schools

Wolff, Annika and Kortuem, Gerd (2015). Visualising energy: teaching data literacy in schools. In: Sencity 2, 08 Sep 2015, Osaka.


As data sets become increasingly complex and pervasive, the importance of citizens to achieve a certain level of data literacy is more important. Citizens need to understand not only how they are contributing data but how this is being used. Data literate citizens have more opportunities for understanding cities through data and informing data driven urban innovations. Current practices around teaching data in schools still focus on using small, personally collected datasets and in teaching graph or chart based visualization. This is a long way away from the types of data and visualisations that are increasingly encountered in daily life. This paper proposes to teach data literacy in schools. Of particular interest in this paper is the idea to engage students with complex data sets to get them thinking about how to produce novel visualisations of this data. Examples are given in which a class of Year 7 and Year 9 students in the U.K. are tasked with creating visualisations of data related to their home energy consumption.

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