Love it or hate it: students’ responses to the experience of virtual worlds

Childs, Mark and Peachey, Anna (2013). Love it or hate it: students’ responses to the experience of virtual worlds. In: Childs, Mark and Withnail, Greg eds. Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. 27–46.


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Virtual worlds are computer-generated three-dimensional worlds in which participants adopt digital personae, called avatars, to interact with others. One of the strengths of virtual worlds as platforms is that they can provide engaging and authentic experiences for participants, enabling simulations of different environments, opportunities to roleplay different activities, and facilitating creativity and imagination. This volume focuses on this use of virtual worlds for providing experiential learning in particular. Some of the questions the volume aims to answer are: To what extent can the experiences of virtual worlds be considered "real"? What types of experiential learning are virtual worlds effective at providing and how can learning design make best use of their potential?; How do different types of learners respond to virtual worlds? How can virtual worlds develop leadership skills? How are courtship rituals and multiracial identity expressed in virtual worlds and what does this reveal about learning? What is the future of experiential learning in virtual worlds?

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