Ionization energy studies for Cl2O monomers and dimers

Hanel, G.; Fedor, J.; Gstir, B.; Probst, M.; Scheier, P.; Mrk, T.D.; Tegeder, P. and Mason, N.J. (2002). Ionization energy studies for Cl2O monomers and dimers. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 35(3) pp. 589–599.



Electron ionization cross sections measured close to threshold are reported for the Cl2O monomer and dimer using a high resolution electron impact apparatus. Besides measuring the appearance energies (AEs) (Cl2O+/Cl2O) 11.04?0.06 eV, (ClO+/Cl2O) 12.29 ? 0.14 eV, (Cl+/Cl2O) 16.11 ? 0.35 eV, (O+/Cl2O) 15.15 ? 0.14 eV we have also determined, for the first time, the dimer AE (Cl2O)2+/(Cl2O)2 10.47?0.2 eV. From the data we derive a lower bound of the bond energy of 0.71?0.3 eV for (Cl2O)2+ which is similar to that of other dimer ions. Quantum chemical calculations carried out to complement the present study support the experimental data.

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