Direct e-beam lithography of PDMS

Bowen, J.; Cheneler, D. and Robinson, A. P. G. (2011). Direct e-beam lithography of PDMS. In: 37th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, 19-22 Sep 2011, Berlin, Germany.



Poly-(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) is a versatile material frequently used in the fabrication of micro and nano scale devices. It has a unique combination of properties including excellent thermal and chemical stability and non-toxicity making it an attractive material for use in many fields of science, especially in biomedical research. Its sensitivity to electron radiation has led to its use as a resist for subsequent substrate patterning albeit generally in a modified form. Here we analyze the effects of exposing liquid PDMS to electron radiation over a large range of doses on the resulting elastic modulus and topography. The data shows that PDMS processed using e-beam lithographic techniques is a viable structural material capable of being utilized in the next generation of microfluidic and other micro devices.

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