Fabrication of double ended tuning fork using ALD Al2O3 as a hard mask

Mahmoodi, Nasim; Sabouri, Aydin; Anthony, Carl J.; Bowen, James and Mendes, Paula M. (2014). Fabrication of double ended tuning fork using ALD Al2O3 as a hard mask. In: 40th International Conference on Micro & Nano Engineering, 22-26 Sep 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland.

URL: https://www.academia.edu/9854979/Fabrication_of_do...


MEMS technologies have been integrated into numerous applications due to their sensitivity, miniature size and low cost for batch production. Strain sensing is one application and Double Ended Tuning Fork (DETF) MEMS resonant sensors exhibit excellent performance in the precision measurement of strain due to their high sensitivity. The conventional actuation and read-out method for DETF is to actuate the tuning fork with one electrode through an AC voltage; as the tines are coupled, the other tine will be excited as well and produce an alternating current on the other electrode. Any applied strain on the tine of DETF results in the frequency shift.
In this study we use FIB in order to make a high resolution mask for fabricating DETF structures which do not cause damage to the resonator, leading to having a higher Quality Factor. Fabrication of DETFs using this process eliminates the need to use any costly glass mask, provides flexibility in changing the dimensions and offers a fast process.

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