EFOSC2 Episode IV: A New Hope

Snodgrass, Colin; Saviane, Ivo; Monaco, Lorenzo and Sinclaire, Peter (2008). EFOSC2 Episode IV: A New Hope. Messenger, 132 pp. 18–19.

URL: http://www.eso.org/sci/publications/messenger/arch...


As part of the long-term plan for the La Silla Observatory, ESO is reducing the number of instruments offered. EMMI and SUSI have been decommissioned at the NTT, and EFOSC2 has been moved to the NTT, replacing EMMI, to leave HARPS as the sole instrument at the 3.6-m. Here we describe EFOSC2 and its many capabilities, highlight the changes that the move to the NTT brings, and look forward to future plans for this instrument.

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