VHE gamma rays from binary systems

Chadwick, P.M.; Chaty, S.; Daniel, M.K.; Haswell, C.A.; Kolb, U.; McComb, T.J.L.; McKenny, J.M.; Nolan, S.J.; Norton, A.J.; Orford, K.J.; Osborne, J.L. and Rayner, S.M. (2001). VHE gamma rays from binary systems. AIP Conference Proceedings, 558(1) pp. 757–760.

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With new generation VHE telescopes, X-ray binary systems become very promising targets for VHE γ-ray observations. In particular, if sources with relativistic jets are thought of as galactic analogues of AGNs, the acceleration mechanisms should be similar. We survey the prospects of studying these objects with HESS, particularly in the context of multiwavelength studies.

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