Culture and Climate Change: Narratives

Smith, Joe; Tyszczuk, Renata and Butler, Robert eds. (2014). Culture and Climate Change: Narratives. Culture and Climate Change, 2. Cambridge, UK: Shed.



Climate change is urgent and important, but also, for many, boring, difficult and confusing. What kinds of stories and other artworks are being created in response to ‘the greatest challenge facing humanity’ – a challenge that is also apparently forgettable? The Culture and Climate Change programme of work includes a series of events, podcasts and publications. In June 2014 the group published: Culture and Climate Change: Narratives. The editors argue that more diverse and dynamic accounts of this complex topic are more accurate than the simplistic insistence that ‘the science is finished’. But they also conclude that more plural and nuanced stories about climate change will lead to better debate and more convincing action.

'Culture and Climate Change: Narratives' features six essays, eleven short stories and an edited transcript from an event held in December 2013 at the Free Word Centre. Over twenty contributors including authors Marina Warner and Caspar Henderson, poet Ruth Padel, journalist Isobel Hilton and neuroscientist Kris De Meyer address the question ‘What Sort Of Story is Climate Change’?

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