Johannesburg's futures: beyond developmentalism and global success

Robinson, Jennifer (2003). Johannesburg's futures: beyond developmentalism and global success. In: Tomlinson, Richard; Beauregard, Robert; Bremner, Lindsay and Mangcu, Xolela eds. Emerging Johannesburg. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 259–280.



About the Book: Johannesburg is most often compared with Sao Paulo and Los Angeles and sometimes even with Budapest, Calcutta and Jerusalem. Johannesburg reflects and informs conditions in cities around the world. As might be expected from such comparisons, South Africa's political transformation has not led to redistribution and inclusive social change in Johannesburg. In Emerging Johannesburg the contributors describe the city's transition from a post apartheid city to one with all too familiar issues such as urban/suburban divide in the city and its relationship to poverty and socio-political power, local politics and governance, crime and violence, and, especially for a city located in Southern Africa, the devastating impact of AIDS.

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