Mobile Situated Language Learning

Pearson, Charlie; Gaved, Mark; Brasher, Andrew; Jones, Ann; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Scanlon, Eileen; Jones, Janet; Neumann, Lukas and Busta, Michal (2014). Mobile Situated Language Learning. MASELTOV Deliverable Report 7.5.2; MASELTOV Consortium, Graz, Austria.



This deliverable D7.5.2 describes the work carried out in the scope of Task 7.5 “Mobile Situated Language Learning” of Work Package 7 “PERSUASIVE LEARNING SERVICES”. In deliverable D7.5.1, criteria were devised for the language learning material that would be produced for MASELTOV. These mobile-based resources have now been implemented (by replacement project partner, Pearson Publishing Ltd (PP)) and the way that they meet the criteria for the project is described here in detail.

The lessons are based on topics that are common and relevant to immigrants and are structured in a way that fits into the ‘Incidental Learning Framework’ developed as part of Task 7.1. This service is also linked to other service in a way that allows indication of feedback and progress (integration with the MASELTOV User Profile), personalisation (integration with the Recommendation Service) and social interaction (integration with the MASELTOV discussion forum).

The language lessons’ are linked to a user’s activity on MASELTOV via the Recommendation Service making learning contextually sensitive – that is, that it takes place in the same context in which it is applied. In conjunction with TextLens and social learning which takes place through predominantly the MASELTOV discussion forum, the learning tools provided in MASELTOV are both multi-sensory and contextually aware.

As a replacement partner joining at the start of the final project year, PP has had to adapt and repond to the ideas on social/informal learning also outlined in deliverable D7.5.1. The way these criteria have been met is described here and also in the related deliverable D8.3.3.
The sample language learning materials that were trialled in the project field trialled held in June 2014 were favourably received by participants.

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