Dealing with diversity in a smart-city datahub

d'Aquin, Mathieu; Adamou, Alessandro; Daga, Enrico; Liu, Shuangyan; Thomas, Keerthi and Motta, Enrico (2014). Dealing with diversity in a smart-city datahub. In: Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Semantics for Smarter Cities, CEUR Workshop Proceedings,, pp. 68–82.



In this paper, we present the data curation approach taken by the MK:Smart project, creating a large data repository of datasets about all aspects of the city of Milton Keynes in the UK and its citizens. The issues faced here, which we believe will become more and more common to large, data-centric smart-cities initiatives, is the one associated with the diversity of these thousands of datasets in terms of the licenses, policies and terms they are associated with them. We describe this repository of datasets, the MK Datahub, and its architecture to create data workflows from original sources to applications. We focus on the approach taken to record, in a structured, ontology-based way the components of the licenses and policies of each dataset, as well as the tools we are developing to manage such representations and to reason with them.

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