Liminality: Un-Wohl-Gefühle und der affective turn

Stenner, Paul (2016). Liminality: Un-Wohl-Gefühle und der affective turn. In: Mixa, Elisabeth; Pritz, Sarah Miriam; Tumeltshammer, Markus and Greco, Monica eds. Un-Wohl-Gefühle Eine Kulturanalyse gegenwärtiger Befindlichkeiten. Bielefeld (Germany): transcript Verlag, pp. 45–68.



This chapter explores the affective dimensions of liminal occasions. Following a critical overview of the 'affective turn' within recent social science and humanities scholarship, the chapter develops a notion of the limen as a sensitive threshold of transformation, and of liminality as pertaining to occasions of becoming. The chapter develops Victor Turner's distinction between staged and unstaged liminal occasions and explores their connection through the creativity of artistic processes. It then discusses the contemporary relevance of liminal occasions in a changing societal context characterised by modes of permanent liminality which generate liminal hotspots of suspended psychosocial transformation.

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