Framing behaviours in novice interaction designers

Lotz, Nicole; Sharp, Helen; Woodroffe, Mark; Blyth, Richard; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare (2014). Framing behaviours in novice interaction designers. In: Proceedings of DRS 2014: Design's Big Debates, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, pp. 1178–1190.



Some recent findings with expert designers relate problem-solution co-evolution and analogy use to framing practices. We wanted to understand if novices also use coevolution and analogies to frame their thinking. Furthermore we wanted to see if there are any differences across cultures. The paper reports an analysis of data gained from protocol studies with novice interaction designers in the UK and Botswana. Novice interaction designers in the UK and Botswana show some similarities in framing behaviours using co-evolution and opening analogies to develop metaphorical themes in framing. But within these observations we also found differences across the cohorts. The implications are discussed in the light of adopting appropriate design pedagogy for novices in different cultures.

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