Part-time and freelance language teachers and their ICT training needs

Stickler, Ursula and Emke, Martina (2015). Part-time and freelance language teachers and their ICT training needs. In: Hampel, Regine and Stickler, Ursula eds. Developing Online Language Teaching: Research-Based Pedagogies and Reflective Practices. New Language Learning and Teaching Environments. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 28–44.



The focus in this chapter is on part-time and freelance teachers of languages. It links to the previous one dealing with online training needs of European language teachers but whereas Chapter 2 explores quantitative data collected from full-time teachers across Europe, this chapter is based on a small sample of qualitative data, collected from selected part-time teachers of languages, representing different cultures and different teaching contexts. In our analysis of these "vignettes" of language teachers we found similarities and common themes that are typical for the situation of teachers who are not solely associated with one educational institution.

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