Josephine Butler and the international traffic in women

Mumm, Susan (2006). Josephine Butler and the international traffic in women. In: Daggers, Jenny and Neal, Diana eds. Sex, gender, and religion: Josephine Butler revisited. American University studies series 7: Theology and religion (242). New York, NY, USA: Peter Lang.



About the book: Sex, Gender, and Religion: Josephine Butler Revisited will appeal to readers interested in women's subjectivity and agency. Josephine Butler (1828-1906) spearheaded campaigns against state regulation of prostitution. A gifted platform speaker, she enthused a variety of British and European audiences, and wrote abundantly about her cause. Contributors revisit Butler after the end of the twentieth century, where she has been fêted, forgotten, and then rediscovered as reformer, mystic, and feminist. Firmly locating Butler within her context, this book breaks new ground by focusing on the role of religion in her life and work, as well as on Butler as (auto)biographer, writing her own self as she writes her campaign.

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