Creating knowledge maps in Virtual Learning Environments

Okada, Alexandra (2005). Creating knowledge maps in Virtual Learning Environments. In: Doctoral Colloquium, 2005, AKT DC2005, 1 May 2005, Milton Keynes, UK.


The intention of this paper is to show a reflexive study about knowledge representation through maps in virtual learning environments (VLE). The aim of this research is to investigate how maps can be used to build information networks, contribute to the collective building of knowledge, and facilitate research and pedagogical mediation in VLEs. For this purpose, the specialization post-graduation online course “Software Use in Qualitative Research” was analyzed. During this analysis, I discuss meaningful learning through maps built using the mapping software Nestor Web Cartographer, CMap tools and Compendium. I then present some important aspects about how maps can contribute to online content design, tutoring diagnostic and assessment applications.

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