Re-examining education research methodological practices

Flewitt, Rosie (2004). Re-examining education research methodological practices. In: Masterclass on multimodal analysis of classroom interaction, 12 Nov 2004, University of Southampton.


This publication is a digital recording of a presentation and workshop held at the School of Education, University of Southampton, jointly funded by ESRC/TLRP/BERA. Using examples of video data from a study of 3-year-old children's communication strategies during their first year in preschool, the presentation problematises the use of dynamic visual data in education research. During the workshop, participants are asked to reflect on the affordances of different forms of data re-presentataion, the implications of multimodal analysis of video data for understandings of educational settings and the ethical, epistemological and practical implications of the multimodal analysis of visual data.

ESRC: Economic and Social Research Council.
TLRP: Teaching and Learning Research Programme.
BERA: British Educational Research Association.

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