Accessing and assessing lunar resources with PROSPECT

Carpenter, J. D.; Barber, S.; Cerroni, P.; Fisackerly, R.; Fumagalli, A.; Houdou, B.; Howe, C.; Magnani, P. G.; Morse, A.; Monchieri, E.; Reiss, P.; Richter, L.; Rizzi, F.; Sheridan, S.; Waugh, L. and Wright, I. P. (2014). Accessing and assessing lunar resources with PROSPECT. In: Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, 22-24 Oct 2014, Laurel, Maryland, USA.



PROSPECT is a package in development by ESA to assess the in-situ resource potential of lunar regolith. PROSPECT will: obtain sub-surface regolith samples, extract volatiles, identify chemical species, quantify abundances, and characterize isotopes.

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