Chi-squared and associations in tabular audiology data

Anwar, Muhammad N.; Oakes, Michael P. and McGarry, Ken (2010). Chi-squared and associations in tabular audiology data. In: Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2010 Vol I, Newswood Limited, pp. 346–351.



In this paper, we have used the chi-squared test and Yule’s Q measure to discover associations in tables of patient audiology data. These records are examples of heterogeneous medical records, since they contain audiograms, textual notes and typical relational fields. In our first experiment we used the chi-squared measure to discover associations between the different fields of audiology data such as patient gender and patient age with diagnosis. Then, in our second experiment we used Yule’s Q to discover the strength and direction of the significant associations found by the chi-squared measure. We then examined two measures of association commonly used in market basket analysis, support and confidence. These did not yield any further associations. We discuss our findings in the context of producing an audiology decision support system.

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