Psychosocial: qu'est-ce que c'est?

Stenner, Paul (2014). Psychosocial: qu'est-ce que c'est? Journal of Psycho-Social Studies, 8(1) pp. 205–216.



My title - which of course is inspired by the Talking Heads and by Asbo Derek – reflects the preoccupation with the nature and limits of psychosocial studies expressed, quite appropriately, at the inaugural APS (Association for Psychosocial Studies) meeting. My unscripted comments at that meeting were intended to encourage an open definition of psychosocial studies as a critical and non-foundational transdiscipline, and, in line with this, to discourage the premature consolidation of a version of psychosocial studies foundationed upon psychoanalysis. Such a foundation risks an unfortunate ‘hardening’ of the categories ‘inner world’ and ‘outer world’ – a hardening which lodges a false sense of disciplinary expertise just where an open channel of constructive interchange is most required.

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