English for Employability: India

Perez-Gore, Isabelle (2014). English for Employability: India. In: English for Employability, 07-08 Nov 2014, Mahila Mahavidyalaya College - Nagpur - India.


This paper situates the issue of employability skills in India in relation to the world economic changes and their impact on the job market. An overview of the last decade's government policies shows numerous initiatives trying to address the skills gap. In 2013, large scale India-based employability studies started to show the criticality of the skills situation in the Indian upcoming workforce (Wheebox 2013, Aspiring Minds 2014). This summary from the latest reports has been frequently quoted in the news but also among government officials: "47 per cent graduates in India are not employable for any industry role. Their lack of English language knowledge and cognitive skills were identified as the major obstacles to their suitability in the job market". Educational institutions, the employment sector and the government have all started looking into ways to fill this gap. Having spent the two thirds of the presentation contextualising the situation and addressing the consequences this has in the field of education, the talk then explores the impact certain pedagogies could have to develop further the various cores skills within an English language syllabus.

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