ICT and curriculum provision in early years

Cook, Deirdre (2004). ICT and curriculum provision in early years. In: Monteith, Moira ed. ICT for curriculum enhancement. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books.

URL: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/ppbooks.php?isbn=9...


This book considers the cognitive nature of courses connected with ICT or using ICT as an integral part of the course, including some views on the associated learning and teaching styles. Which factors lead to learning outcomes and are these intended or fortuitous? Factors may include ones specific to particular subject areas and their relationship with ICT, motivation associated with ICT usage, the interest which teachers, pupils and students who enjoy using ICT bring to the learning context.

Recent developments in the use of ICT, particularly in an educational context where us of ICT has become one of the learning strategies in the portfolio of options teachers possess, have meant that the pedagogic usage has become more important generally. The focus of this book is on the curricular use of ICT and so course evaluation and design are the main contents of each chapter. In this sense the curriculum becomes the cognitive site of learning. Most other books look at specific pedagogic uses rather than the debate between subject and skill learning. Also, a government research paper indicates that thinking skills may well become the new focus for the next phase of development.

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