Assessing oral presentations in open and distance learning

Sinclair, Stefanie (2014). Assessing oral presentations in open and distance learning. In: Teixera, A. M. and Szűcs, A. eds. Challenges for Research into Open & Distance Learning: Doing Things Better – Doing Better Things. European Distance and E-Learning Network, pp. 203–212.


This paper is based on the findings of a HEA funded teaching scholarship project which considers how digital technologies can be used to create opportunities for the development and assessment of verbal communication skills, particularly in distance and open learning settings. It critically evaluates the effectiveness and wider applicability of a form of assessment included in the Open University’s Religious Studies module A332 'Why is religion controversial?', where students are required to digitally record a short oral presentation and submit it electronically as an audio file. It investigates how students perceive the experience of delivering, recording and receiving feedback on a presentation given to a virtual audience in an asynchronous setting. It also considers tutors’ views on the benefits and challenges of providing effective feedback on oral presentations in distance and open teaching and learning settings.

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