Hypernetwork-based peer marking for scalable certificated mass education

Johnson, Jeffrey; Jimenez-Romero, Cristian; Rodrigues, David and Bromley, Jane M. (2014). Hypernetwork-based peer marking for scalable certificated mass education. In: European Conference on Complex Systems 2014, 22-26 Sep 2014, Lucca, Italy.

URL: http://www.eccs14.eu/components/com_comunicazioni/...


In the context of the need for massive free education for the Complex Systems Society and the UNESCO Complex Systems Digital Campus, scalable methods are essential for assessing tens of thousands of students’ work for certification. Automated marking is a partial solution but has many drawbacks. Peer marking, where students mark each others’ assignments, is a scalable solution since every extra student is an extra marker. However there are concerns about the quality of peer marking, since some students may not be competent to mark the work of others. Some students are better than others and often the best students are well qualified to assess the work of their peers. To make peer marking high quality we are using new hypernetwork-based methods to extend previous methods to discover which students are good markers and which students are less good as a course progresses.

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