Personalisation: what will the impacts be for carers

Larkin, Mary and Dickinson, Helen (2012). Personalisation: what will the impacts be for carers. In: Carers, The Third Sector And Personalisation: The Future Research Agenda?, Apr 2012, Birmingham University.


Much has been written about personalisation and the potential that this agenda holds for change within welfare services. Although carers have been identified as an important group in translating personalisation into practice we know very little about how the third sector might support carers in order to make personalisation effective. In this paper we examine the literature to identify the existing evidence base available to examine the impact of personalisation on carers. We find that this evidence is limited at best and therefore set out those areas of further research which we argue are required to inform third sector practice. We illustrate these areas of further research via some real-life case studies in order to root these examples in everyday practice.

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