Photometric and Hα observations of LS +61°303

Paredes, J. M.; Martí, J.; Figueras, F.; Jordi, C.; Rosselló, G.; Torra, J.; Marziani, P.; Fabregat, J.; Reglero, V.; Coe, M. J.; Everall, C.; Roche, P.; Unger, S. J.; Grunsfeld, J. M.; Norton, A. J. and Zamanov, R. (1994). Photometric and Hα observations of LS +61°303. In: Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars, International Astronomical Union, Kluwer Academic Publishers; Dordrecht, pp. 211–212.



The Be massive X-ray binary LSI+61°303 is a 26.5 days periodic radiosource (Taylor & Gregory, 1984), exhibiting radio outbursts maxima between phases 0.6-0.8. Evidence of a photometric period of similar value has also been reported (Paredes & Figueras, 1986; Mendelson & Mazeh, 1989). The previous spectroscopic radial velocity observations of Hutchings & Crampton (1981) are in agreement with the radio period, and give support to the presence of a companion. We present new optical and infrared photometric observations and high resolution Hα spectra of LSI+61°303.

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