Rexplore: unveiling the dynamics of scholarly data

Osborne, Francesco and Motta, Enrico (2014). Rexplore: unveiling the dynamics of scholarly data. In: Digital Libraries 2014, 8-12 Sep 2014, London, UK.



Rexplore is a novel system that integrates semantic technologies, data mining techniques, and visual analytics to provide an innovative environment for making sense of scholarly data. Its functionalities include: i) a variety of views to make sense of important trends in research; ii) a novel semantic approach for characterising research topics; iii) a very fine-grained expert search with detailed multi-dimensional parameters; iv) an innovative graph view to relate a variety of academic entities; iv) the ability to detect and explore the main communities within a research topic; v) the ability to analyse research performance at different levels of abstraction, including individual researchers, organizations, countries, and research communities.

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