Studies Of Ageing Masculinities: Still in their Infancy?

Watts, Jackie and Tarrant, Anna eds. (2014). Studies Of Ageing Masculinities: Still in their Infancy? Representation of Older People in Ageing Research Series, 14. London: Centre for Policy on Ageing.



The papers included in this collection focus on some of the pioneering theoretical and methodological work that is contributing to the development of a research agenda that seeks to draw attention to, and enhance understandings of, the complexities of the lives of older and ageing men. Four of the chapters in this collection were presented at the fifteenth in a series of seminars exploring the representation of older people in ageing research, organised by the Open University’s Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies and hosted by the Centre for Policy in Ageing. Previous seminars in this series have focused on a wide range of topics including recruitment and sampling, age discrimination, oral history methods and working with older people’s organisations. The aim of the seminar on which this volume draws was to bring together scholars and interested parties from different universities and sectors, career stages, and disciplines to explore and examine how the study of men’s experiences of ageing as men has progressed in recent years. One intention was to showcase up-and-coming research in this field so five speakers (Kate Davidson, Kate Bennett, Paul Simpson, Robin Hadley and Anna Tarrant) were invited to present papers at the seminar. Unfortunately, Paul Simpson was unable to contribute a chapter to this volume, but David Jackson has
kindly provided one in his place.

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