Trust in anonymity networks

Sassone, Vladimiro; Hamadou, Sardaouna and Yang, Mu (2010). Trust in anonymity networks. In: CONCUR 2010-Concurrency theory: 21st International Conference, CONCUR 2010 Paris, France, August/September 2010, Proceedings, LNCS, Springer, pp. 48–70.


Anonymity is a security property of paramount importance, as we move steadily towards a wired, online community. Its import touches upon subjects as different as eGovernance, eBusiness and eLeisure, as well as personal freedom of speech in authoritarian societies. Trust metrics are used in anonymity networks to support and enhance reliability in the absence of verifiable identities, and a variety of security attacks currently focus on degrading a user's trustworthiness in the eyes of the other users. In this paper, we analyse the privacy guarantees of the Crowds anonymity protocol, with and without onion forwarding, for standard and adaptive attacks against the trust level of honest users

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