Biological Psychology: An Integrative Approach

Toates, Fred (2001). Biological Psychology: An Integrative Approach. Prentice Hall.



Behaviour, Psychobiology and Introduction to Neuroscience at the undergraduate level which assumes no prior understanding of science. The first four-colour European entrée in this market.

In a visually appealing format, this text approaches the material from an "integrative approach" to help students see the big picture and how such aspects of the brain as neurotransmission and neuroanatomy relate to "real" psychological topics such as emotion, language and learning, sexual behaviour, anxiety, aggression, recovery from brain damage, depression, and pain. The book focuses on the structures and function of brain anatomy first, then introduces the resulting behaviours. By weaving examples and themes from the Social sciences with a solid introduction into the scientific concepts the book's narrative captures students' excitement and provides them with a foundation necessary for optimum understanding of this dynamic field of psychology.

Using state of the art colour illustrations, concepts are introduced and illustrated with great detail and clarity. A solid pedagogical framework throughout to guide students' learning and substantial support and technology package make this text a compelling learning and teaching tool.

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