The GAMBAS middleware for smart city applications

Handte, Marcus; Foell, Stefan; Schiele, Gregor; Iqbal, Umer; Apolinarski, Wolfgang; Xavier Parreira, Josiane; Marrón, Pedro and Kortuem, Gerd (2014). The GAMBAS middleware for smart city applications. In: Cousin, Philippe ed. Internet of Things Success Stories. Internet of Things European Research Cluster (IERC), pp. 74–81.


The concept of smart cities envisions IoT services that provide distraction-free support for citizens. To realize this vision, the services must adapt to the citizens’ situations, behaviors and intents. This requires them to gather and process the context of their users. Mobile devices provide a promising basis for determining context in an automated manner on a large scale. However, despite the wide availability of mobile platforms, there are only few examples of smart city applications. One reason for this is that existing software platforms only provide limited support for common high-level tasks such as efficient data acquisition, secure and privacy- preserving data distribution or interoperable data integration. As shown by the Bus Navigator – a mobile transport application that has been deployed in the city of Madrid – the GAMBAS middleware can flexibly support such tasks and thus, reduce the development effort for a broad spectrum of smart city applications.

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