Understanding research dynamics

Osborne, Francesco and Motta, Enrico (2014). Understanding research dynamics. In: Semantic Publishing Challenge.

URL: http://2014.eswc-conferences.org/sites/default/fil...


Rexplore leverages novel solutions in data mining, semantic technologies and visual analytics, and provides an innovative environment for exploring and making sense of scholarly data. Rexplore allows users: 1) to detect and make sense of important trends in research; 2) to identify a variety of interesting relations between researchers, beyond the standard co-authorship relations provided by most other systems; 3) to perform fine-grained expert search with respect to detailed multi-dimensional parameters; 4) to detect and characterize the dynamics of interesting communities of researchers, identified on the basis of shared research interests and scientific trajectories; 5) to analyse research performance at different levels of abstraction, including individual researchers, organizations, countries, and research communities.

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