Empirical research with older people.

Holland, Caroline (2013). Empirical research with older people. In: Conducting Empirical Research with Older People: A Symposium at The Open University, 11 Apr 2013, Milton Keynes, UK.


This paper discusses recent research in the Faculty of Social Care at The Open University, working with older people to explore aspects of ageing, and giving rise to a series of questions:
When is age a useful category, and when does it get in the way?
What is an ‘authentic’ voice of old age?
What is our responsibility when it comes to representing age as vulnerable?
To what extent is it possible for people to imagine being older?
What can the experience of people who are older now tell us about ageing in 10, 30, or 50 years time?
How can researcher, ‘older person’ and ‘not yet older person’ contribute to empirical research?

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