Whose risk? The mobile phone, risk and the looked after child

Simpson, Jenny (2014). Whose risk? The mobile phone, risk and the looked after child. In: Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adults: Risk and Vulnerability. International Professional Symposium., 19-20 May 2014, High Wycombe, UK.

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable mode of communication that allows for anytime anywhere contact. Mobile phones can be said to represent a form of technology that has evolved to become not only an expression of our social networks but also the means by which we acquire news and information. Through the theoretical deconstruction of a real case this presentation explores the dual functionality of mobile phones in terms of their being tools for security thereby lessening the sense of risk for adolescents and those who have responsibility for their care, whilst at the same time being instruments that enable negotiation and avoidance of spatial control by caregivers. Attention is also given to the perception and interpretation of risk as mediated through the possession and use of mobile phones. The final section of the presentation is given over to how social work practitioners can use existing research on mobile phones and their use by adolescents to complement their daily practice when seeking to effectively manage risk.

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