Quids In: The Impact Of Financial Skills Training For Social Housing Tenants.

Collard, Sharon; Finney, Andrea; Hayes, David and Davies, Sara (2012). Quids In: The Impact Of Financial Skills Training For Social Housing Tenants. London: Citizens Advice.

URL: http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index/partnership...


Over the period June 2011 to March 2012, Bedworth, Rugby and Nuneaton CAB (BRANCAB) delivered a financial skills training programme free-of-charge to tenants of Orbit Heart of England Housing Association (OHE). The aim of the training was to improve the money management skills and general financial awareness of OHE tenants. The training was available to tenants living in two locations in dispersed housing stock. It was not targeted specifically at tenants in rent arrears or at a particular group of tentants (such as lone parents). Participation in the training was voluntary.

The aim of this evaluation was to measure the impact for OHE's social housing tenants of BRANCAB's financial skills training. The evaluation had a number of important features to achieve this. First, the evaluation was designed around the materials used in the financial skills training. This meant that the outcome measures assessed in the evaluation matched the outcomes that the training aimed to achieve. Second, baseline surveys were carried out with OHE tenants who took part in BRANCAB's financial skills training, but crucially also witha comparison group of OHE tenants who lived in areas where the training was not offered. Third, follow-up surveys of tenant learners and the comparison group of tenants were conducted between six and eight weeks after the baseline survey. This approach helps us to say with reasonable certainty whether or not any changes observed among the tenant learners were caused by the training.

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