Chinese-English eTandem Learning: the role of pre-project preparation and collaboration

Kan, Qian; Stickler, Ursula and Xu, Cheng (2013). Chinese-English eTandem Learning: the role of pre-project preparation and collaboration. Chinese Language Globalisation Studies 汉语国际传播研究, 2(5)


With the acceleration of information and communication technology, Tandem learning as a form of collaborative language learning has moved from face-to-face to distance learning: the language exchange partners using various online tools to communicate in writing and speaking. The eTandem learning has caught the attention of language teachers and researchers in recent years. However, the majority of eTandem learning projects and research has been between European languages. This paper outlines a 6-week Chinese-English eTandem learning project jointly conducted by the beginners’ Chinese course team at The Open University (UK) and the Distance Education School of Beijing Jiaotong University. The focus of the paper is on the role of pre-project preparation and collaborative facilitation between the two institutions. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data indicates that pre-project preparation and on-going facilitating collaboratively between two institutions of the project are of paramount importance to the success of eTandem learning project, especially when it involves a language that is entirely different from any European language.

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