Testing a resources depletion-recovery model of Emotional Labour.

Quinones-Garcia, Cristina; Rodríguez-Carvajal, Raquel and Clarke, Nicholas (2009). Testing a resources depletion-recovery model of Emotional Labour. In: Eastern Academy of Management Meeting: 46th Annual Meeting Program: Facing the Future with Heart and Mind, 13-16 May 2009, Hartford, CT.


Emotional Labour (EL) and employees’ turnover are both central features of the customer service role within the Entertainment industry. Since a strong association has been found between them, achieving organizational gains whilst maintaining staff health and reducing turnover costs is vital. The present study explains the impact of EL with a resources-depletion model. Here the psychological effort leads to exhaustion and turnover unless resources are recovered (rewarding interactions and recovery ability). The moderating role of personal and cultural resources will be examined. This model improves on existing limitations in the literature by offering a comprehensive explanation of the EL impact.

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