Galinhas e cerveja: uma receita para o crescimento

Smart, Teresa and Hanlon, Joseph (2014). Galinhas e cerveja: uma receita para o crescimento. Maputo, Mozambique: Kapicua.


"Chickens and beer: a recipe for growth" looks at small and medium commercial farming in Mozambique, as an alternative to both large land grabs by foreign investors and speculators, and small 1 ha peasant farms. No new plantation, either state or private, has been successful in Mozambique since independence in 1975, while 1 ha farmers are doomed to poverty. Soya beans for chicken feed, the chickens themselves, and cassava for the new Impala beer are all being produced by new commercial farmers, often on contract. They are creating jobs and raising their own living standards, and could be a more plausible model for rural development.

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