Social capital indicators and environmental policies for protected areas

Jones, Nikoleta; Proikaki, Marina and Dimitrakopoulos, Panayiotis G. (2011). Social capital indicators and environmental policies for protected areas. In: Baird, Candace M. ed. Social Indicators: Statistics, Trends and Policy Development. Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, pp. 99–118.



Social capital is an important factor influencing several issues both in individual and collective level. Various indicators have been presented in the relevant literature for its measurement. The most commonly known are: social trust, institutional trust, social networks and social norms. The aim of the chapter is to analyze social capital indicators and to underline their connection with the development of environmental policies. Specifically the influence of social capital indicators on different environmental policy instruments will be presented. Through this analysis the importance of exploring social capital during the formation of environmental policies and the need to develop measurement techniques for this purpose is highlighted. The above issues will also be explored taking as an example environmental policies for the protection of areas with high biodiversity value.

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