All change in Aloe and Haworthia

Walker, Colin (2014). All change in Aloe and Haworthia. Cactus and Succulent Journal of NSW, 29(4) pp. 78–80.


Ten years ago molecular studies by Treutlein et al. (2003) gave an early indication that the traditional classification of the Alooideae genera (Aloe, Astroloba, Chortolirion, Gasteria, Haworthia, Lomatophyllum and Poellnitzia) did not reflect their evolutionary history. However, they left well alone and did not change the taxonomy. Ten years on and further studies have confirmed that the status quo is not acceptable and 2013 has seen a flurry of activity. This note aims to summarise the current state of play, but this is merely a snap shot of where we are now and more changes will undoubtedly follow.

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