MASELTOV Deliverable Report 7.1.2: Incidental Learning Framework

Gaved, Mark; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Scanlon, Eileen; Jones, Ann; Jones, Janet; Dunwell, Ian and Lameras, Petros (2013). MASELTOV Deliverable Report 7.1.2: Incidental Learning Framework. MASELTOV Consortium, Graz, Austria.



This document describes progress in the development of an ‘Incidental Learning Framework’, building on the work reported in Deliverable D7.1.1, submitted July 2012.

The goal of the Incidental Learning Framework (ILF) is to facilitate the creation of technology rich learning opportunities for immigrants within cities. The framework is a descriptive mechanism that permits analysis, and a generative tool to support software system design, and it facilitates the communication of learning design ideas both visually and textually. The framework focuses on incidental learning i.e. learning that is spontaneous and unplanned, in the knowledge domains of interest to the MASELTOV project including health care, culture, and language and information access. Its use should encourage links and triggers to structured and reflective learning to back up and deepen learning that happens incidentally.

This document describes the Incidental Learning Framework developed for the MASELTOV project, presents a examples of its use, and describes some conclusions and recommendations for future work
- Introduction
- Purpose of the framework
- Challenges with ILF from its initial conception
- Work carried out developing ILF for use in the project
--Alternative visualisations
--Focus workshops in OU
--Partner testing
--Template for testing
--Examples of the partners’ testing their tools against the template
-Reporting on incidental learning reflections with language learning and serious games
- Conclusions and recommendations

It should be noted that this document is a high level review, identifying significant literature and the on-going development of the framework through dialogue with educational experts and MASELTOV partners. This document offers recommendations therefore in general terms. Decisions about the specific implementation of the learner’s journey as framed by an incidental learning approach will be made in coordination with technical partners as the dialogue progresses.

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