Guidelines for research into the effectiveness of Assistive Technologies (AT)

Wright, J. A.; Sheehy, K.; Parsons, S. and Abbott, C. (2011). Guidelines for research into the effectiveness of Assistive Technologies (AT). Kings College London/De Montford University Leicester.


An ESRC funded seminar series entitled Researching the use of assistive technologies by children and young people: interdisciplinary perspectives took place in 2010-2011. The seminars were organised by Dr Chris Abbott, King’s College London and Professor Jannet Wright, De Montfort University, Leicester. The focus of the seminars was on research involving children and young people with disabilities within Education, Health and Social Care. The seminars brought together researchers and users of research: teachers, therapists and developers, including those undertaking Doctoral research. One of the aims of the seminar series was to provide information for practitioners, researchers and developers and to help to build research capacity in this area.
These guidelines are one of the outputs from the seminars. Those contributing to this document include Professor Jannet Wright, Dr Kieron Sheehy, the Open University, Dr Sarah Parsons, the University of Southampton and Dr Chris Abbott. The bibliography provided is intended to help people extend their knowledge in this area of research.

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