Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design (5th ed.)

Cross, Nigel (2021). Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design (5th ed.). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.



The fifth edition of Engineering Design Methods is an improved and updated version of this very successful, classic text on engineering product design. It provides an overview of design activities and processes, detailed descriptions and examples of how to use key design methods, and outlines design project strategies and management techniques. This new edition contains an enriched variety of examples and case studies, and up to date material on design thinking and the development of design expertise. The core of the book presents detailed instructions and examples for using design methods throughout the design process, ranging from identifying new product opportunities, through establishing functions and setting requirements, to generating, evaluating and improving alternative designs. The book is much more than a manual of procedures; throughout, there is discussion and explication of the principles and practice of design.

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