"Colearning" - Collaborative Open Learning through OER and Social Media

Okada, Alexandra; Meister, Izabel; Mikroyannidis, Alexander and Little, Suzanne (2013). "Colearning" - Collaborative Open Learning through OER and Social Media. In: Okada, Alexandra ed. Open Educational Resources and Social Networks. São Luís - MA: EdUEMA, pp. 46–56.

URL: http://oer.kmi.open.ac.uk/?wpdmact=process&did=MS5...


This chapter introduces the concept of coLearning as well as discussing how open learning networks can produce, share and reuse OER collaboratively through social media.


The aim of this investigation is to identify new forms of collaboration, as well as strategies that can be used to make the production and adaptation processes of OER more explicit for anyone in a social network to contribute.


This open content is an adapted version of a conference paper for OCW conference 2012, which was created by the same authors. This chapter can be reused by:

Educators who would like to create reusable OER (images, videos, maps, units)

Learners who are interested in tools for reusing and adapting OER

Content developers who are looking for different media to enrich OER

Social network users who would like to produce and share open media content

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