Making sense of research with Rexplore

Motta, Enrico and Osborne, Francesco (2012). Making sense of research with Rexplore. In: International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2012), 11-15 Nov 2012, Boston, USA.



While there are many tools and services which support the exploration of research data, by and large these tend to provide a limited set of functionalities, which cover primarily ranking measures and simple mechanisms for relating authors. To try and improve over the current state of affairs, we are developing a novel tool for exploring research data, which is called Rexplore. Rexplore builds on an intelligent algorithm for automatically identifying hierarchical and equivalence relations between research areas, to provide a variety of functionalities and visualizations to help users to make sense of research data. These include visualizations to detect trends in research; ways to cluster authors according to several dynamic similarity measures; and fine-grained mechanisms for ranking authors, taking into account parameters such as ranking criterion, career stage, calendar years, publication venues, etc.

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