A taxonomist's guide to Homo sapiens computans

King, David (2013). A taxonomist's guide to Homo sapiens computans. In: TDWG 2013, 27 Oct - 1 Nov 2013, Florence, Italy.

URL: https://mbgserv18.mobot.org/ocs/index.php/tdwg/201...


This lightning talk will introduce biodiversity researchers to the sub-species of humans known as 'computer scientists'. This is a particularly fruitful area of study owing to the rapid speciation evident in the population. From the original off-shoot of mathematicians to today's bewildering variety of specialists, the talk aims to introduce the legacy population of Homo sapiens sapiens to the subtleties of interacting with their recently evolved cousins.

Along the way, the talk will include other nuggets such as the difference between data mining (it is lucrative) and text mining (it is not).

This talk should be of interest to someone.

Note, the organisers of TDWG will probably want to make it clear that all views expressed are purely those of the presenter and yes the presenter's mother was a computer.

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